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Tuesday August 29th, 2017 by admin

In and around Cantignergues is the place to experience everything. Both organized from the village or on their own occasion. Strike down on the village terrace, join one of the outdoor activities, take a swim in the pool or relax in Mimosa.

The village terrace is the central meeting point of Cantignergues. Here is always something to experience! Especially in the evening it is very atmospheric and cozy under the illuminated starry sky. Here you can enjoy a nice wine from the area, enjoy the weekly village barbecue, or treat your children with a fries day. The meals are prepared by enthusiastic and creative (hobby) cooks in a professional kitchen, adjacent to the group room and the village terrace.

In the center of Tamarisk, in the heart of the village, there is a cozy group room. Mimosa is the ideal place for home and relaxation, even if the weather is less. Meet each other by the wood stove, around the table table, at the bar, or play a game of table football. From Monday to Saturday, guests can enjoy a hot or cold drink, a wine or a nice ice cream.

Not far away from the village terrace, you will find a beautiful swimming pool. The pool is 6×16 metres big and it’s surrounded by deckchairs where you can sunbathe and relax. Dive into the blue water and enjoy the pleasure of refreshment! Sometimes the pool is lit at night, offering you the opportunity to swim at night.

Good news for those who just can’t get enough of the refreshing water: about an hour east of Cantignergues is the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy its white beaches and boulevards on a hot summer’s day.

During the summer period you can entrust the children to the children’s club. A few mornings in the week, they entertain the children with games, craft and fun, so you can relax in the morning knowing that your children are in good hands.

To make the holidays for young and old truly unforgettable, various outdoor activities are organized during the high season under the guidance of one of our outdoor instructors. Take a look at the various activities and determine which boundaries you will be moving this summer!

The zip wire

You can fly over the water on a zip wire in Cantignergues. Everyone can do it, and many have done it before you. The question is: Are you brave enough?!!

  • Where: About the Cesse in Cantignergues
  • When: In high season
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Costs: € 5, – (two times)


Abseiling at Cantignergues has long been the classics of the outdoor program. Under the guidance of an outdoor instructor, you step over the edge, the 40-meter deep canyon of the Cesse, and then surround by a beautiful nature to start the descent.


There are plenty of hiking options in the area around Cantignergues. Besides going for a walk, you can also hike on several trails. The trails vary in length and  difficulty rating. Some leave from the Information point in Cantignergues.There are free maps with trails available, you can find them in Mimosa.

In peak season, more challenging walks are organised –with a guide, such as our canyon trail: Gorges de la Cesse


Experience how to descend into a cave as a real pathologist and discover the inner of the earth. We descend into the cave, walk in a little bit and admire the rugged nature and rock formations that have been formed over the years.
Pay attention! It is not a tourist cave that you walk in, but to get in and out there is some courage, perseverance and strength needed. Do you dare?
• Where: A cave, 15 minutes walk from Cantignergues
• When: All year round
• Minimum age: 7years
• Cost: € 7.50

Green Canyon tour - Gorge de la Cesse

Deze tocht is een aanrader voor sterke wandelaars met doorzettingsvermogen: Af en toe flink klauteren, veel wegglibberen, maar bovenal genieten van prachtig natuurschoon: steile rotspartijen, brandende zon, idyllische schaduwplekjes en mooie watervallen en poelen. Droge voeten zul je niet houden! Tussendoor is er genoeg tijd om te zwemmen en te genieten. Uiteindelijk kom je moe maar zeer voldaan terug in Cantignergues.

  • Waar: Canyon tussen Minerve en Cantignergues
  • Wanneer: mei-oktober
  • Minimum leeftijd: 13 jaar
  • Kosten: €12,50


Geocaching is a modern treasure hunting game where you use a GPS receiver to seek containers with a hidden treasure (cache). In the surroundings of Cantignergues you can find dozens of these hidden treasures. Your challenge is to find them and leave a message in the cache’s logbook.

The manager has a digital document of the caches, you can contact him if you want to go geocaching. Renting a GPS can be done in Cantignergues and costs 10,50 euros per day.


There are 2 major climbing areas: de Gorges de la Cesse and the Notre-Dame du Cross. These are excellent chalkstone walls with over 280 routes. All routes have permanent anchors and you can choose a rated route that suits you best: easy (5a) to very difficult (8a+). All year round there is the opportunity to do climbing. During the May break and the peak season we have qualified instructors around to help you.

  • Where: Gorges de la Cesse
  • When: all your round
  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Costs: €12,50


Be your own William Tell! We have our own archery range where you can practise your bow and arrow skills. The professional equipment is suitable to start learning the skills you need for bow and arrow shooting. Are you lacking muscle or are you afraid to pick up bow and arrow? Try our professional blowguns.

  • Where: in Cantignergues
  • When: all year round
  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Costs: €7,50

Fietsen en mountainbiken


Even though Cantignergues is located in a mountainous area, there are plenty of cycle opportunities in the surroundings. You can cycle alongside the renowned Canal du Midi or across the wine fields of Corbières. Bicycles are for hire in Cantignergues. Our bikes have 21 gears and cost 10 euros per day.


In the Minervois area there are many non-paved roads, normally used by the fire brigade to access the woods in case of bushfires, but also very suitable for mountain biking. We recommend that you have good stamina and physical condition to go mountain biking in the Cantignergues area.

Mountain bikes can be rented in Cantignergues. They cost 10 euros (half day) or 17,50 euros (full day). During the peak season, we also organise guided mountain bike tours. There are two types: short/light or long/hard tours. At the start of these tours you will get information about your bike and materials. After some short exercises we’ll hit the road.

These tours start in Cantignergues and are only organised in the peak season. The minimum age is 10 years (light tour) and 14 years (long tour). Costs: € 7,50 (light tour), € 15,- (long tour).


Roquebrun is 59 kilometres from Cantignergues (a 2 hours drive). This village is known as ‘Small Nice’ and has a Mediterranean garden with about 400 plant species. The sheltered location and the volcanic stones create a microclimate where mimosas, oranges, lemons and mandarins can grow. Towering above the village, you see the ruins of a medieval fortress. The start for the canoeing trips on the river Orb is the village of Roquebrun. If you want to go kayaking or experience a real wild water trip, the best place to go is Tarrassac (near Roquebrun). An instructor will accompany you on the trip.

A bit closer to our village is the place Puichéric (25 km, 40 minutes from Cantignergues), this is also a nice place to go canoeing. It is a bit less wild than Roquebrun.


A little hidden between the houses is the village chapel, a former wine cellar where it is cool and calm. During the summer period there is a morning and evening closure every day at regular times. During these intercultural meetings, we seek God by reading, praying and singing together. On sunday morning there is a Dutch-speaking meeting in the group room or on the terrace. On Wednesday evening there is a singing in the village terrace or in the group room for anyone who loves singing.