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Comments from our guests

Cantignerguees, a unique village.

"Cantignerguees, a unique village. The rustle of the river, the whistling of the birds, and other than that: complete silence. The Cesse finds its way across stones, and you can spot golden orioles, mocking birds, redstart birds, nuthatches, eagles and vultures. Even the teenagers are having a good time, despite not having access to WiFi. They read books, chat with each other, and the friendly outdoor instructors are organising loads of fun activities. And then I haven't even mentioned sleeping in such a beautiful, cosy little house... That's the real holiday feeling."

We truly enjoyed the serenity and and the spaciousness during our stay in Cantignergues.

"We truly enjoyed the serenity and and the spaciousness during our stay in Cantignergues. What a stunning surroundings! Our holiday home Laurier was a good and comfortable choice. And the terrace in front of the house, where we enjoyed the silence at night. Different beautiful walks are starting from the village. An absolute must!"

This was our first experience with renting a holiday home

"This was our first experience with renting a holiday home. Usually, we just go camping. So it was a little exciting and it turned out very well! The village is situated in a beautiful place and has nice houses. The good atmosphere and the connection with the other inhabitants was remarkble. We absolutely enjoyed it. The owners did their very best to make the visitors feel at home, without imposing them on others. Great people!"

I had two lovely weeks in Cantignergues

"I had two lovely weeks in Cantignergues! I thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings and meeting up with the other 'village people'. The outdoor activities were great too, it's nice to be active and at the same time enjoying all the things you see around you. House Marronnier has a perfect terrace with a magnificent view, and the chestnut tree provides plenty of shade. In the house itself, it looks like you're going back to the 19th century. What a special place to spend your holidays."

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About Tamarisk Villages

In the south of France is an authentic village: Cantignergues. Here, Tamarisk Villages has several holiday homes that you can rent. What makes Tamarisk so much loved?

The six guarantees of Tamarisk Villages

A quiet and peaceful place

Time seems to have slowed down in this beautiful French village. There is no signal, no Wi-Fi access, no mass tourism. What we do have, however, is an oasis of quietness and nature, where your thoughts can wander around freely.

Adventure activities

Climbing, abseiling, cycling, canyon walking: if you think you can easily get bored here, you’re wrong! In the summer time, an outdoor instructor organizes exciting activities for young and old. Also, our team of volunteers will entertain your children a couple of times a week.

A place of reflection

The village is also called ‘Porte d’Espérance’. Gate of hope. In silent reflection, you may seek God, our Heavenly Father. During the summer period there is a pastoral worker who is always in for a good conversation. He or she arranges a meeting and sing-in daily and a morning opening and / or evening closure.

Beautiful holiday homes

The authentic French houses you can rent, are built in the 18thand 19th They are completely renovated and elegantly decorated, but they still breathe a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Dutch owners

You are welcomed into the village by a Dutch couple. They will show you around in this wonderful place and make you feel at home immediately.

Fair prices

Our houses are not expensive at all, and also considerably larger than other holiday homes. Look at our accommodation to see the current prices.


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